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The King of Kava “Kava King” Awards plus How to Buy Kava Online

Buy Kava

Buy Kava online or from a local head shop and you will start to know the difference between a different kava products. There of course exist plenty of options for you to buy quality kava and buy poor quality kava online. To judge the good from the bad kava, the king of kava has come up with kava king awards, a system for ranking the kava bars in the industry. The king of kava kava king awards are a mouthful, just like the hihg quality kava we intend to report on. The kings of the kava world will be crowned kava king of each kava category. The King of kava audience can follow along and hear about the quality of all the kava bars in Fort Lauderdale and beyond. For a ‘kava bar near me’ search or if you live in the Fort Lauderdale kava circle or even the South Florida kava district area, you will want to follow the king of kava and comment on our Kava King Awards for your local area.

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When you buy organic kava, you want to buy from one of the kava bars who have won a king of kava award. Our kings of kava products and services are the best the kava world has to offer.

Buy Kava Online and Look for these three things:

Buy Certified Organic Kava with Seal and Country Of Origin

The kava certification should be of a legitimate organization with a board of directors and a long history.

Buy Kava Online for Kavalactones Mg Per Dose

Kavalactone count in your kava is suggested at 70-150 mg to help with anxiety, or 200-250 for sedation. The concentration of Kavalactones will be listed in mg. However, if a kava powder reports its kavalactones by percentage/weight, you will need to calculate the milligrams per serving to get the appropriate dose.  

Why “Organic Kava” May Not Be the Kava You Are Buying

Kava products that say they are organic but do not list the proper certifying agency or do not list the exact kavalactone content may not be a true quality organic product.

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King of Kava presents the Kava Kings of The Kava Community 

King of Kava is proud to present the kava kings of kava. Each kava category will have its kava king. We feature new kava kings of Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Miami, Florida and the rest of the kava country. Here are the kava kings of great kava that you can really enjoy.

New Kava King of the Community

Elixir Kava N Smoke

This kava bar in Hollywood FL is like the old show Cheers, a place where everyone knows your name. The kava here is excellent along with the vibes. They have the absolute best kratom and kava products supplied by Soulful Herbals. It is also home to Plant Medicine Mafia, a group of herbalists that help people globally. They offer two kinds of kava, one stronger then the next. I recommend you get a Cinnamon Toast Krunch Kava cocktail and let the good times roll.

Kava King of Games

Leaves & Roots Lounge Kava Bar & Vegan Cafe 

1231 NE 9th Ave

Play pool and chill out with great kava drinks and vegan food. Of course I am talking about Leaves and Roots Kava Lounge. This is the place to be for fun, games and great kava.

Kava King of Karma

Karma Kava 

Bar 900 N Flagler Dr 

This kava king is called Karma Kava and what comes around goes around at this good vibes destination. Get some kava tea and enjoy a great time with good friends.

Kava King of No Worries

No Worries Kava Bar 

921 Sunrise Ln

When you want to buy organic kava without stress, try No Worries Kava Bar. Sample kava edibles, intoxicating teas, treats and more, No Worries Kava bar is one of the best kava bars in Fort Lauderdale.

Kava King of Exotic Drinks

Awa Na Kava Bar 

2762A E Oakland Park Blvd 

This Fort Lauderdale kava king is called Aww Na Kava. This kava bar has organic teas and kava products like kava edibles. This Oakland Park Kava bar is a staple for the locals who love the vibes and drink selection.

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Kava King of Kava Brews

Tiki Tide Kava Bar 

3418 Griffin Rd 

This king of kava kava bar staple has organic kava, teas, drinks and more. This chill kava bar offers games along with a great selection of teas and kava products.

Kava King of Noble Kava

Noble Star Kava Bar

116 S 20th Ave

This Kava King of calls themselves Noble Star. Many Kava faithful gather at NobleStar Kava bar to drink dollar shells at midnight. This kava king of late night vegan food offers food and drinks until almost 4 am.

Kava King of the Kava Teas

Aww Na Zen Kava Bar

Pompano Beach FL

Buy kava from Aww Na Zen Kava bar in Pompano Beach for a great experience. This kava bar near me is one of Florida’s best and near to surf beaches.

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