The world needs the calming effects of kava right now more than ever. Join us as we provide the highest quality kava at the best wholesale prices!


Noble Kava is the very best kava you can buy so you might as well buy Noble Kava from the King. At the King of Kava, we curate the world’s finest kava products including medicinal kava and the highest quality noble kava.

Whether your search “kava near me” and head out to your local kava bar or just want to buy kava online and make a tea at home, the king of kava is a great first stop. We have everything you need to know before you buy kava online or at your local kava bar.

Carefully Measured Quality.

We built our reputation by providing the highest quality kava. When you buy kava from the King of Kava, you are guaranteed of its purity, potency and efficacy or your money back. Our Kava comes from plants that are ethically sourced, sustainably harvested and lab tested to ensure a high quality kava product every time.

Lab Tested Kava

We test every batch of our kava in independent labs to certify them for purity and potency.

Trackable QR Codes

At King of Kava, we trace every batch of our high quality kava to the source sparing no detail.

Sustainable & Ethical

When you buy kava from us you get kava that was ethically sourced & sustainably harvested.


Buy Kava Near Me

Where to find the King of Kava and King of Kava fine quality, lab tested kava root, kava tea, kava powder, kava edibles, kava extracts and other fine quality kava products and accessories.

Buy Organic Kava

Buy organic kava online from a trusted source with the King of Kava fine quality portfolio of curated noble kava and kava tea products.

Ava Kava


  • Relaxation
  • Mild Strength
  • Best for Daytime
  • Heady Kava

Waka Kava


  • Heavy Kava
  • Great for End of Day
  • Relaxation
  • Enhances Mood

Vanuatu Kava


  • Hybrid Daytime Kava
  • Most Popular Worldwide
  • Enhances sense of wellbeing
  • Relaxation

World Class Kava Curation

We curate the world’s most sought after Kava and euphoric tea strains, lab test and certify them before sending them out to you.


I love the King of Kava.

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