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King Of Kava Fort Lauderdale. We Name the Best Kava Bars.

King of Kava Fort Lauderdale is here once again. Is Fort Lauderdale the beating heart of the Kava community? With so many kava bars per capita (not just the abundance of Kava bars near me personally) Fort Lauderdale is the unofficial capital of the kava community and the King of Kava towns.

King of Kava Fort Lauderdale

When I am looking for a Kava bar near me, of course location is important. I choose Kava bars near me by location because a long trip back home, by car, bus, pretty much anything but a boat or helicopter is going to ruin the total chill vibes in my opinion. That is why choosing a kava bar near me is important but with only a couple in walking distance, traveling to find the best kava around is always an viable option. For the true kava lover, finding the best kava bar near their place of residency is optimal to having a great kava bar experience. For others, traveling is half the fun. I prefer to sample the varieties around me and to find the best kava I can in each of the cities I visit. The kava bar near me in Fort Lauderdale where I live is amazing, but I do hope to expand my horizons as I experience the world of kava. I look to find the king of kava in all the areas where kava can be great. Let’s start with the best kava in Fort Lauderdale, which of course features all the kava bars near me. Check out for more.

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Fort Lauderdale Kava Bars

Fort Lauderdale Kava bars are pretty consistent in their offerings of euphoric teas including kava and kratom concoctions. The most popular brews are the straight kava teas that are brewed and served in shells, or small cups meant to be poured out from a larger bowl. Each bar creates its own atmosphere and offers its own array of specialty cocktails featuring the famous brews.

King of Kava

King of Kava for Location
Category: Fort Lauderdale Kava Bar

  • Karma Kava 
    Bar 900 N Flagler Dr 
  • Leaves & Roots Lounge – Kava Bar & Vegan Cafe 
  •  1231 NE 9th Ave 

King of Kava for Vibes
Category: Fort Lauderdale Kava Bar

No Worries Kava Bar 
921 Sunrise Ln

King of Kava for Exotic Kava Drinks
Category: Fort Lauderdale Kava Bar

Awa Na Kava Bar 
2762A E Oakland Park Blvd 

King of Kava for Drink Specials
Category: Fort Lauderdale Kava Bar

Tiki Tide Kava Bar 
3418 Griffin Rd 

King of Kava for Entertainment
Category: Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood Kava Bar

Twisted Roots Kava Bar
2037 Hollywood Blvd

King of Kava for Food Menus
Category: Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood Kava Bars

Noble Star Kava Bar
116 S 20th Ave

King of Kava for Relaxing
Category: Fort Lauderdale Area Kava Bar/Pompano Kava bar

Aww Na Zen Kava Bar
Pompano Beach FL

When it comes to having drinks, whether tea or of another kind, going out is always fun. However, if you are looking to buy kava online, there are a lot of things you want to look for. Before throwing down your credit card to buy kava online, you may want to do some research as to what you are actually buying. Of course, always look to buy your kava from a reputable source. At king of kava we are the kings of the kava world when it comes to identifying quality. We use all these products ourselves so we would not lead you astray. Here is some quick information on what we feel is the most important facts to know about each of the kava types. These are our kings when it comes to kava selections and information on what to look for.

King of Kava Types To Know about When You Buy Kava

King of Kava Basics: Traditional Grind Kava

The regular or normal way of drinking kava kava where the root is brewed without heat and usually made using cheese cloth.

King of Kava Speed: Instant Kava

Instant kava is usually looked down upon by kava purists. This fast kava drink is made to mix easily for people on the go.

King of Kava Bioavailability: Micronized Kava

Micronized Kava can be more effective at having a faster onset.

King of Kava On-the-Go: Ready To Drink Kava Beverages 

Ready to drink kava beverages come in cans, bottles or drink boxes and are designed to make life easier. Not for the purist when it comes to kava drinkers. For information on how to buy kava online, check out

Before you buy kava, do your research, ask around and get all the information you can. When you want to buy kava online, you first want to know what products you want. Testing them first at the kava bar near you may be a good option. Happy kava drinking!

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