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Buy Kava online from the King of Kava, the most trusted supplier for organic, sustainably sourced, ethically cultivated Kava root, kava powders, micronized kava and even kava extracts and accessories.

Buy kava near me is the search that leads you to your local kava bars where they serve up shells of the freshly brewed tea.If you have ever experienced the calming and mind quieting effects of high quality kava, then you understand the relaxing vibe at your local kava bar.

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Lab Certified Quality

 Our Kava products are third party lab tested and certified every step of the way, so there is never a question of quality in our transparent processes. Since our high quality kava products are pure and efficacious, they can be used in a variety of ways to support health, wellness and homeostasis in the body. The importance of lab tests certifies that the product you are getting is free of contaminants, pure, potent and efficacious.

What Is Kava?

When you buy your kava you want to know what kava it is, where it comes from and most importantly —what does kava do for you? Kava is made from the ground roots of the Piper methysticum plant. In South Pacific nations, it is used socially and in ceremonies with the ultimate goal of relaxation and harmony with nature. The bitter taste of kava should come as no surpries as “Kava” comes from the word “awa,” which means bitter in Polynesian.

  • Kava provides relaxing effects that can last hours
  • Kava is used as an alternative to alcohol
  • Drinking kava may help to relax muscles, support restful sleep and provide a relaxed mood.
  • Kava can help support overall health and well being
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