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Would you watch a competition to find out who had the best kava in Fort Lauderdale? How about for the best kava in Miami? You have kava bars, tea shops and at home kava kits. Let’s see what are some of the best kava for you to buy and where to buy it.

Kava Bars Near Me in Fort Lauderdale

The Kava bars in Fort Lauderdale near me offer a full range of kava, so whether I am craving waka, Vunauatu or some kind of blend, I can usually get my kava cravings taken care of locally. I also have a few great kava bars to recommend outside the Fort Lauderdale area in case we get our wanderlust going.

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Kava is a ground root made into a kind of tea but the most important aspect in my opinion, is the kind of water used in the process. While brewing kava at the Banyan House for events, we used Kangen water, a high alkaline and highly filtered water that is almost entirely free of contaminants. It can be set to a Ph of 9.4 and is ideal to making a high quality kava brew.

After visiting Twisted Roots and sampling their White Sands Kava, I immediately understood the need for a stronger brewed kava. People who drink alcohol call it “pre gaming” when they have a few drinks before going to the bars as a way to save on money as well as start the vibe. The need for kava drinkers to pregame with an at home kava kit becomes clear. It also becomes clear post game so to speak as the effects can wear off as you make your way home for the night. And sometimes after visiting the kava bar near me and then maybe to a gelato shop or a dessert bar, I want to renew that kava high at home. Without some sort of take home kava brew or at home kava kit, this would be impossible.

Here’s a question we would like to ask our kava drinking counterparts. If there was a competition to find out what the best kava was and how it was brewed would you be interested? We would love to have a kava cup sponsored by us and other kava related companies to see who brews the best kava. Finding out where the best kava comes from could be a great way to get people together and have some fun and education about kava.

If we were to create such a kava event near me, we would need a lot of participation from local kava bars. I imagine we would need to judge the kava based on categories. I think the categories should be simple of kava flavor and kava strength. We could also do points for presentation and showmanship, after all, kava tenders are behind the bar baristas and more.

The best kava in Fort Lauderdale is not easy to discover with all the choices. Finding the best kava in Florida or even the best kava in the United States would be fairly difficult. Seeing as South Florida is probably the epicenter of the kava movement, having a competition to determine who makes the best kava in Florida might be a good place to start. Even winning an event that named you the best kava in Miami would be serious bragging rights. For my own sake, I would like to hold the event for the best kava in Fort Lauderdale. This way I get to try all my local favorites and know they will want to make my drinks the best when I visit next time.


A lot goes into making the best kava drink besides just knowing the bartender or the best kava bars in Fort Lauderdale or wherever you are from. That is why you need to check back regularly with the King of Kava and our blog to see whats happening in the world of kava and euphoric teas.

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