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Buy Kava and be confident once you have all the information. Buying Kava? What is it? While Kava is just as legal to buy as coffee, it is not as easy to buy quality kava products. There is not really a Starbucks of Kava, although it is readily found and available at your local Kava bar.

Powdered Kava or Kava powder is the most popular kava product and made from the ground root of a plant called the Piper methysticum.

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Where to Buy Kava?

Kava is not readily available to buy everywhere. However, those new to the world of buying kava should take note. 

When you buy Kava from the King of Kava or its affiliates and recommended kava bars, you can be assured it is non GMO, lab tested and safe for you to drink and consume. Most powdered Kava from reputable USA Kava distributors and US Kava wholesalers will be non GMO and lab tested. 

Here are some kava sourcing topics we will be covering in upcoming blogs. 

  • Noble Kava – How to Buy Kava of the Noble Variety
  • Buy Vanuatu Kava – How to Buy the best Vanuatu kava
  • Buy Kava from Malaysia – How to Buy Kava from Malaysia 
  • Buy Heavy Kava – What to Look for when you Buy Heavy Kavas
  • Balanced Kava – How to Buy Kava that will have hybrid effects
  • Buy Waka Kava -How to Buy Kava of the Waka Variety
  • Heady Kava – How to Buy Kava for a Heady Feel
  • Buy Exotic Kavas – How to Buy Kava that your friends don’t have

However, those looking to buy Kava should take note that there are small but significant variations in Kava strains. There is also a difference between Kava extract, and Kava powder as to the amount and concentrations of alkaloids. The Key alkaloids in Kava are kavalactones.

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Quality assurance seals like Lab testing and Organic Certifications

The King of Kava sources from the most reliable and sought after kava suppliers, farms and wholesalers. Our at home kava kit is state-of-the-art and makes learning how to make Kava at home super easy and fun.

There are not too many at home kava kits on the market. For people that know how to make kava at home, having these tools are a must. King of Kava has created the best at home kava kit imaginable and we will be releasing it in the upcoming months. 

Noble Kava

The highest grade of Kava is Noble Kava, no matter what color it is or where the Kava was  grown. Noble Kava can be found in a number of varieties or strains.

What are Kava Vapes?

Recently it has come to our attention that you can buy kava vapes online. Kava vapes or disposable kava vape cart or kava vape pens are kavalactones that bypass the digestive system and go directly into the blood stream. At the King of Kava we have been searching for a high quality kava vape that is safe and have finally found our partners. We will be bringing to you the best and latest kava products including the new kava vapes. Stay tuned for a review of kava vape pens and other kava bar products.

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